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Creating A Brand


Project Brief A partnership group approached us about an idea they had for a Mexican restaurant. The partnership group were long time restaurateurs, so they new what they wanted to do with the food and the name of their concept, but needed HVH Consulting's expertise on creating a brand. We started by meeting to [...]

Mobile App Creation


The World Should Be This Responsive A client in the sports industry came to HVH for a way to manage and calculate player data instantly on mobile devices. HVH had the solution, an app that uses an algorithm to calculate a player's readiness to perform and ability to avoid injury. TALK WITH US [...]

Internet Marketing


When Marketing ROI Is What Matters Most We work with a client that has hundreds of locations across the US and Canada. There busy model doesn't allow for leads to cost more than a certain amount so HVH Consulting has been tasked with producing SEO and PPC campaigns that drive leads. Through the use of [...]

Marketing Automation


Project Brief When we met our clients they were doing their own marketing and used temps to help with enrolling new clients. We took over the marketing aspect by upgrading their site to be SEO friendly, work with their staff to write meaningful, SEO friendly blogs that we also use in a social [...]