Franchise Website Reporting, Tracking & Analysis

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HVH Consulting Prides Itself On Being A Results Driven Firm

In a franchise organization, franchisees and franchisors should benefit from one another. HVH Consulting creates internet marketing strategies and tactics to ensure this for your organization. We then meticulously track and report on their performance. In doing so, we continuously improve your online marketing’s effectiveness and set organizational benchmarks. With nearly a decade of experience working with franchise organizations, HVH Consulting has a unique understanding of the moving parts and the opportunities for creating and tracking powerful internet marketing campaigns. The data and analytics these campaigns produce are used as a guiding force in your organization’s improvements and in overall growth.

Franchise Website Reporting | Franchise AnalyticsWe provide the following tracking and reporting services for your franchise model:

  • In-Depth Website Traffic Analysis Tailored to Each Franchise Model
  • Extensive Search Analytics for Each Franchise
  • Google Web Analytics for Franchises
  • Bing Website Tracking for Franchises
  • Yahoo Site Statistics for Franchises
  • Individual Web Page Tracking for Franchise System as a Whole
  • Lead and Conversion Tracking for Each Franchise

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